Velkommen til Møteplass for Mestring

AIR by Bolder has launched a large-scale community project dubbed «Meeting place for Mastery», where all schools in the region are invited to visit free of charge, including transport. The project was opened with a bang by Stavanger’s acting mayor Dagny Hausken on 13/05/22.

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– As mayor, I am concerned about two things: That we should have good meeting places, and that all children and young people should have good opportunities to engage in physical activity. Good meeting places are really important to prevent loneliness and alienation, and we all like to have places where we can meet friends and others with common interests, and physical activity is important for the health of children and young people, said the mayor in his opening speech.

– AIR by Bolder can contribute in both of these areas. I have great faith in Møteplass for the Mestring project, and how it can give children and young people an opportunity to develop themselves, she added.

Two-part goal, countless opportunities
Meeting place for Mastery 2022 gives all primary schools, middle schools and upper secondary schools in the region the opportunity to visit free of charge, explore a sense of adventure and feel a sense of mastery from May to August/September 2022. AIR by Bolder even sponsors bus transport to and from the schools.

AIR by Bolder’s goals and values ​​coincide perfectly with the goals set in the curriculum for education prepared by the Norwegian Directorate of Education, and the synergy possibilities with the school system are therefore both large and exciting.

– AIR by Bolder has now started the journey towards a full-fledged public offer this autumn, after two years of pandemic and uncertainty. Our philosophies and values ​​around mastery, active lifestyle and conscious choice are still cornerstones of why we have built what we have, and therefore the launch of Møteplass for Mestring is a golden opportunity to both exercise a social responsibility and build our brand towards the autumn, says marketing and communications manager at Air by Bolder, Magnus Birkenes.


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Read more about the goals in the curriculum here .

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